H e I d I H e r n a n d e z

about this show:

In a forgotten time, a beautiful city saw its reflection on the shores of the atlantic. The city sparkled like a million diamond wishes in the sky, a magical dreamland emitted the scent of promise, rich or poor, black or white, it was a city on the sea that opened its arms and embraced the romance within us, the longing and wonder of true love. Meet me down at Luna Lena, down at luna park. A warm baby and the coffee stain moon’s gentle smile.

This city hummed with energy, alive and electric.

Hidden in shadows the sinister smell of salty ocean, the night with all of its vulnerable parts exposed. This wonderland’s sickening sweet cotton candy decay, exploitation, and expulsion; a dream come true at a small cost to you. Innocence anxiously looking through its fingers at the shiny plastic sex and fantastic freak show mysteries. The elephant smoke of new technologies and money to be made at the cost of others.

This romantic land on the water peppered with a million visitors in a given night, each touched with a story to tell of the magnificent magic, come one, come all, to the marvelous coney island.


heidi hernandez is an elementary art educator in the Geneseo school district.  She is an active exhibiting painter and has attained a BA in Fine Art- Painting and a BA in Art Education- K-12 (summa cum laude) from St. Ambrose University. Hernandez enjoys exploring history and the human experience therein. Her mysterious nostalgic paintings have layers of narrative imagery that captures a moment in time. The work invites the viewer to make connections and revisit their own past experiences.

48″ X 60″
48″ X 48″